About Streit Lending

Streit Lending is the private mortgage lending business affiliated with the Streit Family. Streit Lending provides borrowers with direct access to private capital through the financial strength and liquidity of the Streit Family. Streit Lending was founded in 2012 to grow the Streit Family’s bridge and construction lending business. Streit Lending, together with the Streit Family, has nearly 40 years of bridge lending, construction lending and real estate investing experience.

Real Estate Roots from the 1970s

The Streit Family traces its real estate roots back to the 1970s when Aric and Mary Streit first began investing in distressed multifamily properties. The Streits financed their early acquisitions through a mix of personal capital and syndications. By the mid-Eighties, they had stabilized a sizeable portfolio and had accumulated sufficient personal capital to begin relying less on syndications. When the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 80s and early 90s hit, the Streits were extremely well positioned to capitalize on market dislocation and acquired a large number of distressed properties, many of which they continue to own and operate. In the early 2000s, the Streits began originating private money bridge loans to diversify their portfolio.

The Streit Family Today

To present-day, the Streits have continued investing in distressed properties, stabilizing them and operating them as long-term investments. The Streit Family currently owns and manages over 1,200 multifamily units in both Southern California and Denver, Colorado. The Streit Family has also accumulated a multi-million dollar portfolio of bridge and construction loans. Over the last decade, three members of the second generation have joined the family business: Noah Streit in 2002, Auriel Streit in 2013 and Nava Streit Raziel in 2013.