Over $600,000 paid out in broker and referral fees between January and December 2014, an average of more than $50,000 a month!


At Streit Lending, we value the role that mortgage and real estate brokers play in private money transactions.  Our goals are to get brokers and referral sources paid quickly, and to motivate them to bring us repeat business. We pride ourselves on having created a relationship-oriented broker-friendly culture and on having structured our business to meet the following broker needs:

  • Certainty and speed of execution
  • Transparency and responsiveness
  • Protecting broker payouts

Streit Lending offers certainty of execution by providing direct access to the Streit Family’s balance sheet.  We do not rely on third party capital to get deals done, and we make our own funding decisions.  With over 30 years of real estate experience and 10 years of lending experience, we can generally close deals in two to three weeks and sometimes as fast as one week.  Moreover, we work hard to be transparent about our underwriting and funding process as well as to be responsive to inquiries, questions and emails. Finally, we pride ourselves on protecting broker payouts by incorporating broker fees directly into our loan documents and ensuring that they are paid out of escrow.

In addition to mortgage and real estate brokers, we also work with a wide variety of referral sources and offer them the same competitive advantages, including protecting referral payouts.  Mortgage bankers, brokers, advisors, consultants, accountants, attorneys and other real estate and non-real estate professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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