Construction and Rehab Lending

bridgeStreit Lending originates commercial and residential construction/rehab loans in Southern California only.  We understand that time is of the essence with all construction/rehab projects.  Those involved in the field of construction require deal certainty to ensure the swift execution and profitability of their construction/rehab plans.  As such, our goal is to provide quick, transparent and stress-free closings to help developers, rehabbers, and homebuilders complete their construction projects.  Our borrowers are well into the first if not second phases of their projects in the same time it would take to secure a conventional construction loan.

Streit Lending offers competitive rates and terms as well as transparent, efficient, one-stop decision making.  We fully grasp the complexities associated with constructions projects.  Consequently, we tailor a loan’s structure, including interest reserves and construction draw schedules, to meet our borrowers’ needs.  Subsequent to closing, we work closely with our borrowers to ensure the successful completion of their construction projects.  All fund control is managed in-house and offered at no additional cost.

Streit Lending is actively seeking new borrower and broker relationships to grow its construction lending business.  We pride ourselves on conducting business with transparency, professionalism and integrity.


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  • Loan Amounts: $500,000 – $5,000,000
  • Location: Southern California
  • Interest Rates: Starting at 8.50%
  • Loan to Cost: Up to 70%
  • Term: 1-2 years
  • Property Types: Residential (business purpose) and commercial
  • Purchase financing available
  • Construction management:
    • Fund control generally managed in-house and offered at no additional cost*
    • Personalized draw schedules
    • Quick and accommodating disbursals

*Exceptions based on projects complexity